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 Attention Monsters!!!

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PostSubject: Attention Monsters!!!   Attention Monsters!!! I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 16, 2008 4:53 am

-Gain Exp
- Have hidden HP/AP until first Banishment.

Levels and Experience:
0- 0 EXP
1- 1,000
2- 3,000
3- 7,000
4- 15,000
5- 35,000
6- 80,000
7- 125,000
8- 300,000
9- 700,000

Each Gained level represents a new pinnacle of ability, granting that creature advantages over its predecessors according to its type. Increases may come in the form of increased status bars, new skills, and or spawning capabilities (for specific circumstances).

Status points: Are awarded per level; these points, accumulate to buy certain increases if that monster has already fulfilled the prerequisites, and or is eligible. At level 0 all monsters start with 30 status points to spend. For each subsequent level, a multiplier will be developed for that specific creature to determine further increases.

HP/AP Caps
Are determined by monster type first and will be giving a formula to decide the rate of increase.

Spawn type: Creatures that can gain the spawn ability may purchase the initial attribute once they have reached the specified level for the set prerequisite. (Most monsters will have separate and or unique prerequisites.) Most monsters with this ability may only create up to one Daughter Spawn, two if the creature is specifically resilient and three at maximum only if special conditions apply. (Purchase for Spawn type ability is 100 Status points, with a prerequisite of at least level three.)
Daughter spawn:
This ability allows the creature to parent a “daughter” clone as it’s minion. The Daughter Spawn will start at exactly half of the original monster’s status’s and retain only the most prominent of skill sets, that the parent had earned. Daughter Spawns may only level up to the fifth rank, and may only create one of it’s own min- clone version in special circumstances, which will effectively have half of the “daughter” or original clone’s status, called a cousin spawn.
Cousin Spawns:
Effectively one quarter of it’s original predecessor’s ability and status, this minion cannot level up, and retains only the most basic of any forms of abilities that the original possessed.
Territorial rights
For every “dark hall” under its territory chain it gains +.5 to its “CR” (limit +15)
Sub lairs gain +1 to CR
Main lair gains +2 to CR

Claiming territory
Monster in question must have been “sighted” at least once by a victim in that area and must have been the first to post in the respective “Dark hall”.
For zones already claimed ambitious monsters with higher CR then the original monster can challenge that monster for it’s territory.

Taking back territory
If a “Dark hall” was lost due to “Banishment” that Dark hall instantly disappears and cannot be won back.
If the zone was taken over by another monster, the original monster may issue a challenge to the second monster if their CR is equal.

In Encounter Zones
Monsters are allowed to post to already opened threads in the “en route to areas” school outer limits, and the courtyard fore grounds, however the posts can not confront the “victim” Instead the use of “scare tactics” or other abilities such as temptations to lure the individuals from the safety of that area as long as the following conditions are met, with exceptions of challenges from monster to monster.
1. A student/faculty member has made a post.
2. No other monster has posted to that thread.
3. No other monster has a Lair in that area.
Defeat for Monsters results in “Banishment”, in normal encounter zones – A temporary “exile” in which that monster looses one of its “dark hall” territory rights, typically the closest to that position.

In Dark Halls
All monsters, have “Territory Rights” to claim any said “Dark Hall” only once and upon the very first time the said area is opened as long as three conditions are met with exceptions of challenges of monsters to other monsters.
1. A dark hall minion has created a dark hall
2. A “victim” has posted in the Dark hall
3. No other monster has already posted to that Dark hall.
In dark halls students can be knocked unconscious and defeated monsters can be “Vanquished” -A temporary “death” in which it looses all of it’s territorial “dark hall” rights and can only be encountered again in it’s main lair.

- If an aggressor monster defeats the original monster in a dark hall, it gains the original monster’s territory rights to that Dark Hall. The defeated monster is treated as “Banished”
- If the aggressor monster fails it must give up one of its properties (of the original monster’s choice) to the defending monster and is considered “Banished”
-In dark halls (owned by that monster)+ .5 Exp/Treasure

In High encounter zones
Here, both students and monsters alike can perish indefinitely.
Although some lairs may actually be located in regular encounter zones, For RP purposes the stage must be set in this location if a Lair is discovered or revealed.

Monsters vs. Monsters
Fighting between monsters is not unheard of, and in such instances which it may take place, T1 is the standard unit for RP battle. There are no said rules or judges for such battles, however the RP must be in compliance with the rules of the student handbook’s amendments. (No “Autoing” or “God-modding”)

Monsters with equal or greater than challenge ratings may issue challenges to one another if the conditions apply. To challenge another monster for territory, the aggressor monster must be equal to or at least one CR higher then the defendant.

Weaker CR monsters may only attack higher CR monsters when attempting to reclaim lost territory, directly after it was lost once and only once, if defeated a second time treat as “Vanquished”

Lairs (High encounter zone)
Are where the “Head Quarters” of a particular monster is. Lair’s are specific locations that the monster choosing in secret, and guards ferociously. If a lair is exposed, or taken over it could prove disastrous to that monster. If a Lair is discovered, or located it will be listed in the High encounter area, as a temporary target.

Monsters may have one “Main” lair and up to two sub lairs aside from the main one, the prerequisite is domination over 3 “dark halls” per sub lair.
Any lair has its advantages and disadvantages. Monsters gain bonuses to a status bar (HP/AP) of their choice based on the number of territories they reign over
(All territories stack, limit +50 Main, +25 Sub).
+1 per Dark hall (owned by that monster)
+5 Main lair
+2 Sub lair

Ex. Monster =
3 dark halls = (+3)
1 Main lair = (+4)
Total boost = (+7)

Sub Lairs
Monsters can switch Main lair to one of it’s sub lairs
Loss of the appropriate amount of “upkeep” Dark halls (3 per sub lair) results in the loss of a sub lair
However, in sub lairs monsters can be “Banished”, and in the main Lair monsters can be “Vanquished”

-After a reigning monster has conquered three of the original monster’s “Dark Halls” it may attack its opponent’s lairs. If the aggressor monster defeats the defending monster in it’s sub lair the defending monster is treated as “Vanquished”. However if the aggressor monster is defeated it will be considered “Banished”, and have to relinquish two of it’s Dark halls of the original monster’s choice.

-If an aggressor monster defeats the defending monster in its main lair it is destroyed, and that lair immediately becomes the aggressor monster’s sub lair. However, if the aggressor monster already has reached the limit for lairs it only gains the property as a normal dark hall. Consequently if an aggressor monster is defeated by the defending monster in its main lair it is considered “Vanquished” and all of its previous property goes to the defending monster.

In sub Lairs (owned by that monster) X2 Exp/Treasure
In Main lairs (owned by that monster) X3 Exp/Treasure
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Attention Monsters!!!
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