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 HHSR Re-Structure

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PostSubject: HHSR Re-Structure   HHSR Re-Structure I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 28, 2009 9:50 am

Greetings HHSR, or those of you who still consider yourself part.

Long story short, ok, well itís not really that longÖ But many or most of you seem to have lost interest in the school; therefore Iím doing a major re-org. This will include shutting down allot of segments of the school and sectioning it down to only 5-7 areas of RP. Other areas may be brought back due to popular demand but for not they will be close off. Secondly, those of you who wish to stick around will have to play along with the storyline, make new characters and put the others on hold, or decide to move on.

HHSR will NOT be closing, but I do need to repopulate it with willing individuals. For those of you who cannot keep up with posts you can stick around on the old board but Iíll be moving the re-org to a new site (though itís not finished, and in due time) Everyone has till may 31st to decide if they want to stick around or not, Iím fully prepared to start over so let me know your wishes. Those of you who give no answer ill just deactivate the accounts, and take all the messages of old and archive them for the time being.

The old site will remain around (kinda like a graveyard) so you can get all your old posts for some time, but will begin the discussion with the ďre-organizedĒ HHSR group on June 1st where we will have the ďlast cutĒ. Members whom will help in the re-build. Remember if you choose to come you may have to start a new character, though accommodations can be made so you donít lose any gains you may have had such as dorms, ranks, and what not.

Here is a list of requires positions that must be fulfilled:

1. Principal/admin helper
2. Vice principal/admin helper
3. Any other office personal / admin helper
4./5./6.Three teachers
After that I can start allowing student characters. Sign up today!

7./8./9.Student council

Other things we need:
10. Monster
11./12. Dark Hall minion

Regular: students will be allowed after all of the above is fulfilled

Note: if you choose a specific position you do not get to choose which functions of it you will be performing. If you fail to do your duty, then you will end up loosing your character, and or demoted. Other restrictions or punishments pending. Further more no one will be allowed to have more then "1" Important position. ALL of you MUST play An important role unless the minimum of "12" important roles is already filled by "12" different people.

-Your benevolent dictator ~Stranger

Contact:Yahoo: hhsr_mysterious Stranger
Email: dragonking912@hotmail.com

When you reply to this Indicate what slot or slots your interested in taking. However do not leave any character details that way we can keep the OOC aspect separate.

Respond HERE
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HHSR Re-Structure
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