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PostSubject: Poof!   Poof! I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 04, 2009 1:15 pm

Poof! The leprechaun arrived at his new location, fell on his knees and shouted with indignation! If only disappearing was easier than this. What if he appeared 100 feet up in the air? That would be too much of a risk! He caught the sight of water after recovering from pain; it was not like the bodies of water that came from the rain. It was good timing, for he was quite thirsty. So he ran to the pool side and drank with much hurry! The green man choked and spit the water out instantly with a croak! "This is not water! What the hell is this?! Hell! Hell wouldn't even have a place for water that tastes like piss!" Phooey! He continued to spit. It was then when he opened his eyes that he spotted a silver, shiny trinket!

It was deep in the water, winking like an undersea treasure. If he could get his hands on it, it would be such a pleasure! And he couldn't see why he couldn't - he had tools in hand. With so many belts and buckles, he could fish it out - he was a smart little man! So he tied things together, spent a few minutes to make a hook, fishing the drain out from the pool and smiling deviously like a crook. "Come here, m'beauty! Come here!" The leprechaun shrieked. "Come here!" He shouted while he tugged and his heart inside continued to leap.

He plucked it out finally and gave a victorious roar. He had the heavy thing in his hands, and he couldn't have asked for more! Rubbed it against his face he did, even though it was still wet. Kissed it with his lips he did, like an adored little pet. While he gave it love, the pool's water began to disappear. It drained and it began to empty, a spiral forming where it was sucked through. Eventually there was nothing but the pool's own light blue. But he was not concerned for he hated the water in the pool! It was a favor and for anyone who'd use it, why, they'd be a fool!

After spending a good time here, he could see nothing else that caught his eye. And like always, when there's nothing for him, it's time to say goodbye.

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