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 "One got away" Event

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PostSubject: "One got away" Event   "One got away" Event I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 03, 2009 8:16 am

So it would seem that all was too peaceful in the school when something unexpected was brought into light. See Here for further details about the nature of the event. but alas something has gone awry in the magic department hurry hurry and see what could have happened....

Contact Rules:
  1. First person that archives "contact" may decide to play the "game" Contactee' may alert others only after first encounter
  2. Individuals must be present when encounter starts or already en route to the area that the creatures appears for legitimate contact (this is to prevent people from just clicking the board to see where the npc_minion posted and to immediately appear there

Game Rules:
  1. only one of your characters (if you have more then one) may participate in the chase/hunt.
  2. There will be only one winner (so even if you play in a group you have to decide who will collect any prizes etc)
  3. This is a global event which means anyone including faculty or outsiders can participate
  4. This event is designed as a NKZ, and an OSZ
  5. there are two factors to this event; you can either try and capture and return the creature to the magic department with or without help, else encounter it and take your chances at luck.

Conditions and notices:
Nature of "the game" includes:
  1. Effects of this event may end up irreversible
  2. There are some dangers involved, which may suggest you might not want to participate
  3. For information regarding leprechauns or other magical/mythical creatures see Tristan Shadwynn: Magical Application Teacher
  4. Event starts 8pm EST (hours) Monday march 2nd 2009 and ends April 1st 12 am 2009
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"One got away" Event
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