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 One Got Away

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PostSubject: One Got Away   One Got Away I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 03, 2009 7:24 am

A soft crackle and a muttered curse in an older other worldly language. With a strange humming the schools PA system comes to life… But instead of the tone or voice any one is expecting a different one comes on.. The first sound is a deep sigh. But then a moment later an Irish brogue well known to most, comes on the air.

“Students.. Its seems A senior level magical student has made a minor blunder, and broken the rules of the class setting.." A slight pause “They not only summoned something without being in the classroom.. They let it escape…. There is no need for panic as this creature is not considerably dangerous. But we have notified the Guardians to look for it post haste to keep its mischief down….

Now normally this would be confined to proper authorities only. But with the current enrollment levels, and the non-dangerous nature of the summoned creature, I have arranged for special dispensation from the principle and the vice principle… I am offering a reward for the capture of this little error….. PLEASE remember that this little creature may not be harmful violently. But that does not mean its cute or fluffy either.

I am posting Pictures of him around the school, in the lounges. Cafeteria. And near my office… If any information can be gathered about him leading to his capture. OR he is captured by any students successfully please contact me immediately! But Remember. The little guy will be disoriented. and might try to lash out. Please.. Stay Safe. And if needed Call for assistance…. If you are interested in Helping Further please find me in my office or classroom. Thank you”

(This is the picture posted around Campus)
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