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 Music Coming To A Classroom Near You!

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PostSubject: Music Coming To A Classroom Near You!   Sat Jan 10, 2009 8:43 am

A familiar speaker sound echoed throughout the campus.

" *ahem* Dearly beloved students and faculty members! Yes, 'tis I, your vice principal once again to make yet another announcement. As you all know, there has been something missing around the school for a while now. It's as if the life of it has been dead for the longest time. Whether it be the lack of substance, the lack of excitement, or the lack of romance in your life... there is always something that can replace it. A wise man once said, "Without music, life would be a mistake." And how very true that is! Which is why I am so immensely excited and happy to announce that we'll be having a new... MUSIC TEACHER! Mmm, yes. He's a fellow I'd like to call.. uh... Tan...Tanny Balls. ...Is that even right? Oohh, Tah-ni-bah-zeh. Tanibaze. Vincent Tanibaze. So if any of you students are interested in taking this music class, or would like to make perverse jokes involving instruments such as the flute while in class... please! Stop by the office and we'll see what we can work out for you. And if you see him around, please do give him a warm welcome. That is all."

Tap. Click.
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Music Coming To A Classroom Near You!
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