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 Just Curious

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PostSubject: Just Curious   Just Curious I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 08, 2008 2:24 am

I am just curious what has been going on in everyone's lives?

I see that there is hardly any activity on the fourm. I wonder if there is something as a whole that we can do to bring it back together. I know that alot of people have left that we greatly adoreded. The moment of silence for them would be appericated. For them to know and understand that we do love them greatly. However, the world does not stop for any nor everyone. So, it is time that we pick ourselves up and continue on. Those that are here for the love of the game will return on their own accord.

I miss role play and I know for some of you that the rules make you grit your teeth but they are here to make this a better place, than just your adverage play that you may find other places. I myself have been apart of a few different fourms this one has the most passionate people that I have ever come by. My heart springs to beats when I see some of you posting.

I do understand that role play is just a hobby for some and that your real life motives comes first that is completely understandable. I myself do understand what it is like.

If there is anything that we as a community to spice this place up please let us know. If the interst is being lost of the writting blocks are like the walls of the kool-aid man. Please let us know so that we can help keep things running, there is talk about putting up a idea thread. How many of you guys would be interseted in that.

Always Lillian
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Just Curious
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