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 something to do while doing nothing

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PostSubject: something to do while doing nothing   something to do while doing nothing I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 18, 2008 11:39 pm

She was back, where everything had started so long ago. She wasnít upset, just mournful for what shall never be. Why did her mind keep going back to him. She wasnít sure, her first real friend in this place. She shrugged off her long black cloth jacket, tossing it on the bench seating. She had on a skin tight tank top with little black straps keeping it from slinking down her lithe form. She could remember the day she arrived at the pool. Just watching the water break against the stairs, he came in running and splashing her. He had soaked her from head to toe. He was the first to see her ears here as well.

She wasnít upset about what had happened, in fact she really didnít care, just felt lonely without him out. He was like her guide, helping her out of her shy little nut shell. Melody put her hands on her hip, her finger slipping under the hem of her shirt. Her arms lifted upward pulling the shirt with her. She had on her blank suit on under her clothes.

After tossing her tank top on top of her jacket she hooked her finger onto her khaki shorts, the button unsnapped they easily slid down her shapely hips. She stepped out of mound of tan around her feet rather quickly. She didnít bother to look around her, her feline ears perched high atop the mess of soft white hair. She had grown tried of the pink and dyed it while she was away. Her long tail flicked backward, just before she set off in a fall speed run to the edge of the pool. Her hands out in front of her palm to palm she dived into the clear crisp water.

Under water for what feels like just a moment or two. Under the water she moved swiftly over to the stairs leading out of the water. She stood up on the bottom step, more then half of her body unshielded by the water. Her hair long and shinny from the water stuck to her pale white skin. Her eye sparkled as she looked to the light switch wondering if she could turn the lights off and float around looking at the stars and moon that seemed like they were just in reach beyond the glass roof above.

Her blank suit seemed to be like a second skin for her, the bikini top was barely more then a few wisps of fabric that covered everything it needed to, leaving everything else open to feel the summer heat while it tans her body. Trailing over her tight belly the line of her bikini bottoms rest just below her belly button. She reached behind her and hooked a finger under the elastic long that held her bottom so snugly in the panty style bottoms. She pulled out, making sure every ounce of her hind end was covered. Her long tail shook behind her, almost like a wet dog shaking off water after being outside in a nice long rain.

Her black ears laid flat against her hair as she placed her hands once again together and dove into the water, she swam out into the middle of the pool. She just swam there for a moment before she ducked her head under the water and turned upside down. Trusting her legs into the air and her hands onto her pool floor she counted in her head ď 1 Gotham City, 2 Gotham City, 3 Gotham City, 4 Gotham City, 5 Gotham City.Ē She pulled her legs back into the water, trying not to break the waters surface tension. wanting a small slash. She twisted herself once again under the water before she pushed off the floor. She rose above the water a good 3 feet, the water gleaming off her body from the lights around her.
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something to do while doing nothing
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