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 Welcome/ Rules

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PostSubject: Welcome/ Rules   Welcome/ Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 13, 2007 10:16 am

Hello and welcome to our forum section, here Iíll detail a few extra rules not mentioned in the student handbook that will pertain solely to this particular area; they will be marked with an asterisk. *

Please note: All members of this HHSR forum must be HHSR members of the yahoo group first and foremost, even if they do not (or cannot) participate so much within the regular times of school hours,

Purity meter:*


Money: Can be obtained by RP-ing or doing various deeds for the community as a means of retribution for your services. These funds can be used in a multitude of ways as described below:

-Purchases (field trip tickets, prom fees etc)
-Fees for VIP sections (like the Hentai Hut)
-Construction of new areas (Too: forum/school)
-Special passes
-More to come

Purity meter:
This is a user moderated field to show just how sexually active you are. The range may be changed but the means to calculate will stay the same. Larger bars can be provided for more active individuals the default will be 100.

-1% for times sexually active. -10% for times with a new partner.
- If you go under 0% donít use a negative just ask for a bigger bar.

Your ranking number will be defaulted to the number of members there are in the group and rise only when you have reached a certain level of acceptance.

: Things that raise rank
-Becoming a council member
- Being class president
-Obtaining teacher references
-Joining clubs/extracurricular activities

-Lower ranks are higher numbers; e.g.: the opposite of the council:

Class: Will directly correlate to the amount of posts made/ missions completed successfully; the point ratio will be determined by your willingness to participate.

Your classification bar will be re-set according to the letter grade you are. In that respect your points limit may be larger or shorter then other characters.

Table for reference:

Note: That each letter is worth exactly that many points as indicated.

U= -1000, -2000
C= 50,000
B= 300,000
A= 800,000
: See Student handbook page 7 for the formula:

-All gained skill points from missions = the exact number of points gotten from that mission.
Meaning if you got 500 points for a mission well done you get 500 skill points on your forum profile.

-All normal posts will = 1 point per post
- All RP posts will = 5 points per post
Meaning if you post normaly100 times youíll have gotten 100 points; conversely if there is a mixture it will be tallied up.

** Subject to periodic change, all users will be notified before changes are made. Forward all questions or concerns to hhsr_mysterious_stranger[u]
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Welcome/ Rules
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